Commercial Glass Services

For over 60 years, Glass Corporation has been serving Hampton Road's commercial glass needs for storefront systems and doors, curtain wall systems, interior all glass doors and walls, and specialty commercial glass and mirror products. Glass Corporation has played a role in many new builds and renovated buildings in Hampton Roads. Our core commercial glass services include:

Commercial Storefront and Storefront Glass Installation

Glass Corporation sets the standard in the Hampton Roads region for commercial glass storefronts that give a positive first impression about your business. Our 60+ years of experience encompasses installing from architectural specifications to consulting on custom design-builds. We offer a wide variety of glass-types and framing for your project.  We have also replaced many storefront doors and frames for business owners looking to fix an old door or an aesthetic improvement.

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Curtain Wall Systems

There are numerous commercial curtain wall systems available on the market today offering a wide range of styles and features. Our curtain wall work can be found throughout the Hampton Roads region.

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Glass Interior Doors and Walls

We work with business owners, architects and contractors on the installation of commercial interior glass walls. Glass Corporation is experienced with commercial glass wall projects for a wide range of small to open office spaces, professional practices, academic campuses and more.

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Commercial Wall Mirrors

Glass Corporation has installed large area dimension commercial custom wall mirrors. We've designed and installed custom wall mirrors for lobbies, offices, conference rooms, gyms, dance studios and corporate bathrooms.

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